Learn how to triage patient's priority for emergency care.

Triage is the process of prioritizing treatment according to the criticality of the patient's condition. This is to effectively distribute care in situations where there are insufficient resources to treat all patients immediately, and affects the priority and order of first aid, transport, and transfer locations.
  • Target
    Emergency medical workers
  • Course
    • Traffic accidents and fire accidents
    • Global Sorting + START
    • START


  • There are a variety of situations and patient cases that will help a lot in the event of a real disaster.
    from a trainee at Seoul Red Cross Hospital
  • The evaluation through the game was fun and I liked the fact that I could check the results right away.
    from a trainee at Samchoek Hospital
  • It was effective because I could train what I learned right away.
    from a trainee at Youngju Red Cross Hospital