Triage is the process of determining priority of patients' treatments by the severity of their condition.
Vulabo! supports START triage system to determine patients' care priority.

Triage education in Vulabo!
 doesn't need many people or equipment.

Vulabo! is prepared with scenarios with nearly infinite numbers of virtual patients and evaluations.
Prioritize patients clearly and quickly.

  • Select a Scenario

    Choose a scenario you want to learn.

  • Create Virtual Patients

    Virtual patients will be created according to chosen scenarios.

  • Triage patients

    Evaluate and triage patients.

  • Evaluation

    Check your performance in debriefing to see if your triage were accurate and no patients were left behind.

Vulabo Patient Evaluation and Triage

Patient evaluation system is developed and applied on Vulabo.

START Triage system is applied and contents were created by consultation with Severance Hospital.

Check Walking

You can check if patients can walk.

Check Respiration

You can check patients' respiration directly by movement and sound.

Check Pulse

You can check patients' pulse by touching points shown on the screen.

Check Mental Status

You can check if the patient can obey your simple commands.

Vulabo Smart Feeback

Did you complete your triage session?

It's time to check your accuracy.

  • Is the triage done by patients' urgency?
  • Are patients triaged accurately?
  • Are patients over-triaged?
  • Are patients under-triaged?

Triage education is recommended for people who are...

  • Experienced in Triage Education

    Wasn't a yearly education hard to recollect? Be prepared with Vulabo first.

  • Not Experienced in Triage Eduaction

    If you know what triage is but without the experience, Start with Vulabo today.

  • Interested in EMT/Paramedic course

    Triage is a required course in emergency medicine. Study with Vulabo first.

Educational Advisory Partners

To make a healthier and safer society, Vulabo makes an educational renovation with proven partners.

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