PPE Wearing and Removing

Personal Protective Equipment protect wearers from respiratory and contact infections. Following CDC's standards, Vulabo provides courses of putting on and removing PPEs.

To Protect Myself and Patients from Infections

Vulabo PPE Wearing and Removing course provides safer education in everyday life changed by COVID-19 without expending actual PPEs.

  • Select Level of PPEs

    Vulabo Provides Level D and Level C course.

  • Wearing PPEs

    Learn how to wear PPEs first by putting each pieces on a 3D character.

  • Removing PPEs

    Remove PPEs in sequence to prevent exposure to infection.

  • Evaluation

    Vulabo provides feedback only on removing PPEs which has higher risk of infection.

Infected patients can visit your hospital anytime. Be prepared with Vulabo PPE Wear and Remove first.

Check equipment

See if there are any problem with parts of PPEs.

Wear PPEs

Put PPE parts in a 3D character in right order.

Check PPEs

See if your 3D character worn it right.

Remove PPEs

You can practice removing by completing wearing or selecting in the menu.

Remove PPEs safely

Remove parts of PPEs from 3D characters in right order.


The character will be exposed to infection if you fail.

PPE Evaluation

Vulabo provides feedback on removing PPEs which has high risk of infection.

  • Was the hand hygiene done carefully?
  • Was the removal done in right order?
  • Were removed parts put in medical waste bin?

PPE education is recommended for people who are...

  • Being Newly Deployed in Medical Field

    If you are not experienced with PPEs, Study with Vulabo first.

  • In Organization that needs PPE education

    Conduct training courses without concern for expending PPEs.

  • Interested in PPEs

    Were you curious about PPEs you've seen in the news? Learn more with Vulabo.

Educational Advisory Partners

To make a healthier and safer society, Vulabo makes an educational renovation with proven partners.

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