Intravenous Injection

Learn how to secure a pathway for intravenous injections.

Intravenous injection is a method of injecting drugs directly into intravenous blood vessels. The drug spreads through the heart and throughout the body within 1 to 2 minutes, so the drug's effectiveness can be quick and clear. It is possible to inject a large amount of medication without pain and can be applied if you expect a rapid drug effect.
  • Target
    Nursing Students
  • Course
    • 10 cases of patients


  • It was much more effective than just memorizing the steps of nursing skills. Also I love the way Vulabo created nursing simulation through games .
    a sophomore in nursing
  • Vulabo shows well of the process of the Intravenous Injection; inserting catheter, choosing the injection spot and the dosing process. I fully recommend Vulabo to new nurses for repeated learning.
    Six-year nurse at the university hospital
  • It was very helpful for new nurses to do the image training they needed the most. Especially, the details used in real clinical practice helped a lot in practice.
    A third-year nurse at a university hospital