Neurological Assessment

Learn how to assess patient at risk for brain injury with GCS, pupil reflex and muscle strength.

Neurological assessment is the process of identifying consciousness levels, pupil light reactions, and movement resistance in subjects at risk of nervous system damage. A small change in the subject's response is an important clue to nervous system deficits and can prevent permanent damage through rapid intervention.
  • Target
    Medical Staffs, Paramedics and First aid workers
  • Course
    • GCS
    • Pupil Reflex
    • Muscle strength


  • Since it's difficult to practice neurological assessment with normal people, Vulabo is a great opportunity to practice.
    Third-year nurse at a university hospital
  • Through Vulabo, I was able to experience patients in neurological conditions who I couldn't experience directly yet.
    Fourth-year nurse at a university hospital
  • Recurring training of Vulabo is very effective for me. Also it is great to meet diverse patients who are difficult to meet in real world.
    Fourth-year nurse at a university hospital