Glasgow Coma Scale(GCS)

In the GCS course, you can evaluate the patient's level of consciousness by evaluating and scoring the patient's eye-opening response, speech response, and motor response.

Evaluate level of consciousness of 3D virtual patients in various states.

Consciousness assessment can be performed using the GCS for hospitalized patients in the surgical ward.

  • Select a Scenario

    Virtual patients that fit the scenario are created.

  • Create Virtual Patients

    Virtual patients that fit the scenario are created.

  • Check Patient

    Evaluate the patient and check the score.

  • Evaluation

    You can check the score you selected and the comments for the wrong evaluation.


Check the patient's consciousness


Check if the patient answers correctly.


Check if the patient can move.


Check if the patient responds to the pain.

Select evaluation score

Check patients' eye opening, verbal, and motor response scores.

Glasgow Coma Scale evaluation

You can check if the patients are correctly evaluated with GCS.
If the score is incorrect, the correct score and comments will be provided.

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