Blood Draw

Learn how to draw blood for blood donation and examination.

Drawing blood is a method of collecting blood, which interprets blood test results to help diagnose, treat, and determine prognosis. You can also obtain the blood components used for blood transfusions.
  • Target
    Nursing Students
  • Course
    • 10 cases of patients


  • It was good to have access to a variety of patient cases, and it was effective because education that was conducted only in writing could be conducted through practice.
    11th year nurse at the university hospital
  • It was good that each preparation process could be carried out at the speed of the learner. In particular, the simulation of the order of putting into sample containers is likely to help new nurses.
    Six-year nurse at the university hospital
  • It is a program that can visually learn the process of drawing blood. The quiz also helped me by pointing out the things I should keep in mind.
    Six-year nurse at the university hospital